Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Predictions coming true

Here we see that the predictions of the economy are coming true. See there are many people who have known that this has been coming and others who don't want to believe it. What camp are you?
Now if you do think there will be an economic crash then what you need to do is become economically stable. Start to pay off all debt (Credit cards, car loans, etc.) To do this, I would refinance on your house if you have been paying on it for at least 5 years. If it hasn't been 5 years, then I would just work out a monthly budget where you can pay off the debt in increments. Now, as you see, I used the word budget. That is key. You need to start creating a budget where you know exactly where your money is going to go when you get your paycheck. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE SAVINGS FOR THINGS LIKE CAR REPAIRS, FUTURE BILLS, CLOTHING, HOUSE REPAIRS. You need to decide how much you can save but it better be something or you may be walking to work or at least hitching a ride from someone. Next there is much talk about buying Gold. I have been reading articles and most people who look at the trends know that it can be risky buying gold at this time. See at anytime it could go back down as it has in the past. But it will probably go up more first. So like I said it is your risk. If you do want to invest, buy land. That is the key. The other thing to buy right now is oil. It is pretty low right now so you can be relatively sure it will go up. However, once it goes over $100/barrel I would get ready to sell because it can maintain that for very long. Well we'll continue later.

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