Saturday, January 23, 2010

The collapse of America started a long time ago

This video give a good progression of what is really going on behind the scenes with our economy. It started way back. I didn't realize that our founding fathers warned us about this. It was a concern way back in the beginning of our country and we have allowed it to continue. Well no more. Please start telling others of this video either by my sight or directly from youtube. More people need to be aware of why we are in this mess. this should be in all the history books but it isn't. Now I don't believe in everything that was said in the video but most of it I do. We need to change the system but still live in it. Violence is not the answer. In the meantime, work together with your neighbor to look at supplies that you may be able to share if needed. Then by some more necessities. If your house needs fixing, fix it now. Taking out a home equity loan may be the answer, if the government wants to take your house, they don't need a reason. So they won't at first. Building ties with people and then sharing to them the necessity to stick together and not give into government control is key. START SPREADING THE NEWS.

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