Saturday, May 15, 2010

Market is being Controlled - this time to take it down

Bob Chapman has been right before because he has the inside scoop. This explains a lot. He has many of the puzzle pieces that bring it all together. It isn't if American economy will go into hyperinflation but when. So be ready. Also, if there is civil unrest. Make sure you have plans to protect yourself and connect up with your neighbors to protect your neighborhood. Alone, you don't have as much chance for survival as you do with others around you working with you. This isn't a time to hide and pretend it will blow over. This is the time to prepare and plan. Those who don't will be left in the cold and possibly for dead. This may seem drastic but look at Greece. Look at other struggling economies. I don't see much civility I see a lot of chaos. Yes there is some order but only enough for the government to stay in control.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Who and what bankruptcy will happen next

As time passes, more people are getting lulled into thinking that the United States is bypassing this storm. Again this video explains that we are just running away from the storm that will eventually catch up with us. I believe that buying items now is going to be a bargain compared to what the price will be next year. DON'T WAIT. Then on top of this, taxes are rumored to be imposed on all goods. I am not taking the risk that it isn't true, are you? Remember gasoline when it use to be below $2.00. If you had a chance to stock up now with gasoline below $2.00, wouldn't you jump at the chance. Another thing is to start learning survival techniques and survival ideas. To do that go to There you will find different survival tapes in the audio section. If you want other videos search in videos under survival and it will bring up some survival tips that will be most helpful.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Many commercial loans getting close to default - the next step in the collapse

Here comes the start of the collapse. This video is very important. Government is aware of this but don't want you to know about the danger that is brewing. They are hoping that we may get an upturn as much as possible before this next wave of catastrophe begins to hit. Don't be caught off guard. Start saving now. After this begins, taxes will be raised & inflation will hit. Things will cost about 50% more in about 6 -12 months. Its like we are in a huge sale right now. Take advantage of it. Time is limited and we don't know when the sale will end. I recommend the necessities since they will be things you will be needing no matter what happens. If you have enough for a little enjoyment, then go ahead but make sure it isn't at the expense of the necessities because once the sale is over. There is no turning back.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BRIC - The Power Shift

This video is a glimpse into the future. I believe Russia, India, China, and Brazil will continue to grow and make an impact on the world. I believe they will get so strong as to force major changes in decisions globally and nationally with other countries. Are you ready for such a shift? Some are beginning to invest in these economies. This isn't a bad idea. However, if the US has a economic collapse what will you have left. Think strongly. Do you have supplies? Do you know how to survive? Look through my other videos for some answers. Otherwise, You can visit another website that goes through very thoroughly what are some ways to survive an economic collapse. Here I go through some basics but if you want more details go to

SURVIVAL This is within a social network called HeyWhatEver. You can find other interesting news and information in the network but this will take you directly to the survival section. If you have any further comments or ideas please feel free and post.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is some recent news this month that discusses the downfall of our economy. There are some that are saying there is signs that we will recover but the logic isn't there. Again, don't wait to prepare. Look at stocking up for a collapse and buy big items now if you can. This will help the economy for awhile, also. But it will only postpone the enevitable. You may see the inflation increase more like the beginning of next year.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A basic look at disaster survival

This video just supplies the basics for disaster survival. I picked this video because it was professionally done. To get more detailed information please go to There we have videos and mp3 audio about different ways you can prepare for disasters especially an economic disaster.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Economic preparedness together

This is a key element that Celente ends up talking about. This is getting together with your local community and establishing ties and bonds. From there, you can create a working agreement and some mutual give and take system. doing this now, prevents any suspicion that may arise during crisis if there is any. Keep informed as we head into some unknown territory in this country. We haven't had to struggle this bad in a long time. It wouldn't hurt even the skeptic to be just a little prepared just in case even just some of this comes true.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be prepared not afraid and destructive.

It is concerning that this kind of behavior is happening already. Start acting now and communicate with your neighbors. Start building friendships. Start a neighborhood watch program. This is a good foundational point. Then bring in some of the economic concerns and ask what the group is doing individually. this will start the ideas going. Once, this is been talked about for about a month, then try to see who believes it could get bad. Begin to hook up more often with theses people and find strategies as a neighborhood to create protections and supports. Things like escape routes, alternative defense plans, group survival plans, and other plans that you can implement as a neighborhood. Everyone doesn't have to be involved in thes plans. It is mostly for precaution and readiness. So start now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Predictions - Possibly true so be prepared

This video is someone who has inside connections that predicted oil prices to rise and fall last year. Now, this prediction may not come to fruition but don't take a chance. Make sure you are ready as much as possible. Look at my previous blogs for different ways to prepare. Also, if you don't have land an idea is to get together with others you know and buy some land to farm on or plant a garden. If you know someone who has land - offer to rent some of their land. I am sure that they would comply. I would offer $100 and write up a contract now so that if the economy does crash you will get it at a good price now and it would be under contract. No matter what price, it will be worth it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hamas leader killed - Israeli Mossad blamed

This is another indication that the world is heating up and I am not talking global warming. Yes, with the economy growing worse all over the world and then this Israeli vs Palestine conflict heating up, they is definitely going to be more problems on the way. Then you have the fact that the USA is backing Israel. It is just a matter of time before something major is going to happen in the USA. Are you ready? It would be good to have some type of way to defend yourself. A gun, security cameras, added lighting for nightime, and even you haven't yet, self-defense course would be good. It is all to be prepared. It is good to do these things anyway but especially during these times.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

States should have more power than the Federal Government

After watching this video, it shows that it will be important where you live. States will probably start invoking there power to do what they want. This is key. It is important to know the status of your state. Do you believe in the overall beliefs of your state and the direction it is going? Also, do you know the overall financial support and self sufficiency it has in terms of natural resources and manufacturing. Read up on what your state has available in these areas. Also, if it has weaknesses, these are the areas you may what to stock up on or be connected with others to gain out-of-state access. Examples like food, gasoline, natural gas, manufacturing, and more. In addition, if you have the opportunity to move and find yourself seeing a different state as more advantageous for you to live in. THE TIME TO MOVE IS NOW. Look into it strongly, and try to change jobs and all that it would take to move. Make sure you are ready to move before doing so, but at least really start focusing on ways to establish the move so you can move as soon as possible. Now is not the time to take your time because soon their will be no more time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Democrat Governor gets it right (A message for all of us)

Remember this is the key. NO FREE TRADE. No matter who is saying it, lets all agree that we need to rally together around this issue. Democrat or republican. Liberal or conservative. This means more jobs here in our country. There will be opposition but if we stick together, we can influence and take back our country. No matter what though, each one of us needs to continue to store up and prepare of economic collapse. We have a long way to go to take our country back. One added thought besides the previous blogs you should read from this site, is that you should be buying a home if at all possible. Even if it is a mobile home, look into anything you could afford. Most of the time, the way things are shaping up, you will not be kicked out if there is a depression. Renting, may be cause for concern, however, since it may take awhile for officials to here your complaint. You could be on the street before you know it. With your own house, official red tape would be a benefit to you. So start looking and quick who knows when the tides will turn.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

History of the economy controlled

This video is key to see that there are greater powers involved when looking at the economy. We all need to realize that to take our country back, we need to take steps and unite together. We need to confront our elected officials and demand to go back to NO FREE TRADE. Second, we need to start looking at spending less and getting rid of all federal income tax. Government should be for one major thing only and that is to protect the people. All these government programs need to stop. Then we need to take care of one another. Create non-profit organizations to support the elderly, and crippled not the government. We should start demanding that government give money to non-profits groups to support programs and then eventually let it go right to these groups. Then these groups can compete for the best care and usage of the money.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The collapse of America started a long time ago

This video give a good progression of what is really going on behind the scenes with our economy. It started way back. I didn't realize that our founding fathers warned us about this. It was a concern way back in the beginning of our country and we have allowed it to continue. Well no more. Please start telling others of this video either by my sight or directly from youtube. More people need to be aware of why we are in this mess. this should be in all the history books but it isn't. Now I don't believe in everything that was said in the video but most of it I do. We need to change the system but still live in it. Violence is not the answer. In the meantime, work together with your neighbor to look at supplies that you may be able to share if needed. Then by some more necessities. If your house needs fixing, fix it now. Taking out a home equity loan may be the answer, if the government wants to take your house, they don't need a reason. So they won't at first. Building ties with people and then sharing to them the necessity to stick together and not give into government control is key. START SPREADING THE NEWS.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where are the jobs going?

This video shows how jobs have been slowly been taken over by companies in China, India, and other cheap labor countries. We need to come together and demand from our congressmen that we want taxes put on any product, service, or technology that comes from other countries. We may want to keep Canada as a more equal partner but most of the others are undermining our society by paying their people a small fraction of what we are paying our people. So stand up and be heard. NO FREE TRADE.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Problem continues to be unveiled as more data is shown

This is another factor why the collapse of America will come to pass and in a large scale. Are you ready? Read some of my other blogs for information and discussion. What needs to be looked at other than food is electricity (which one should by a generator), heat or cooling system (Fans work well and for heat look into fireplaces),and water (some people have looked into getting water retention areas next to there homes to collect natural water from rain and snow. These I believe are the most important. And lastly, to store fuel like gasoline I found an article that is up to date and comprehensive . We will continue later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stocks still risky even though higher

This video shows us that the stock market looks at what the potentials are. Plus, it seems to be willing to take some risks. So you can't trust the stock market to do what is right. The things to invest in is necessities. things people have to buy. So be careful and don't invest if you can't

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is what we need to voice to our congressmen

This video is well done. It points out the major points on which we need to focus on this next year as Americans. Politicians and the rich don't like it and for years they have been preaching the dangers of such policies. Well, I say their policies which are in place right now has caused much of the problems we now face so we need to unite and come against anyone - Democrat or Republican who doesn't support these needed measures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be careful with silver and gold - This is why

Watch the video below this one it is more professionally done. I needed to put this in here because it is a good explanation of why buying preciuos metals is risky.

Predictions coming true

Here we see that the predictions of the economy are coming true. See there are many people who have known that this has been coming and others who don't want to believe it. What camp are you?
Now if you do think there will be an economic crash then what you need to do is become economically stable. Start to pay off all debt (Credit cards, car loans, etc.) To do this, I would refinance on your house if you have been paying on it for at least 5 years. If it hasn't been 5 years, then I would just work out a monthly budget where you can pay off the debt in increments. Now, as you see, I used the word budget. That is key. You need to start creating a budget where you know exactly where your money is going to go when you get your paycheck. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE SAVINGS FOR THINGS LIKE CAR REPAIRS, FUTURE BILLS, CLOTHING, HOUSE REPAIRS. You need to decide how much you can save but it better be something or you may be walking to work or at least hitching a ride from someone. Next there is much talk about buying Gold. I have been reading articles and most people who look at the trends know that it can be risky buying gold at this time. See at anytime it could go back down as it has in the past. But it will probably go up more first. So like I said it is your risk. If you do want to invest, buy land. That is the key. The other thing to buy right now is oil. It is pretty low right now so you can be relatively sure it will go up. However, once it goes over $100/barrel I would get ready to sell because it can maintain that for very long. Well we'll continue later.