Saturday, May 15, 2010

Market is being Controlled - this time to take it down

Bob Chapman has been right before because he has the inside scoop. This explains a lot. He has many of the puzzle pieces that bring it all together. It isn't if American economy will go into hyperinflation but when. So be ready. Also, if there is civil unrest. Make sure you have plans to protect yourself and connect up with your neighbors to protect your neighborhood. Alone, you don't have as much chance for survival as you do with others around you working with you. This isn't a time to hide and pretend it will blow over. This is the time to prepare and plan. Those who don't will be left in the cold and possibly for dead. This may seem drastic but look at Greece. Look at other struggling economies. I don't see much civility I see a lot of chaos. Yes there is some order but only enough for the government to stay in control.

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  1. Chris,
    I diffently agree, Bob Chapman has it right on the nickel so to speak! Thanks for sharing! God Bless! Mona