Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Predictions - Possibly true so be prepared

This video is someone who has inside connections that predicted oil prices to rise and fall last year. Now, this prediction may not come to fruition but don't take a chance. Make sure you are ready as much as possible. Look at my previous blogs for different ways to prepare. Also, if you don't have land an idea is to get together with others you know and buy some land to farm on or plant a garden. If you know someone who has land - offer to rent some of their land. I am sure that they would comply. I would offer $100 and write up a contract now so that if the economy does crash you will get it at a good price now and it would be under contract. No matter what price, it will be worth it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hamas leader killed - Israeli Mossad blamed

This is another indication that the world is heating up and I am not talking global warming. Yes, with the economy growing worse all over the world and then this Israeli vs Palestine conflict heating up, they is definitely going to be more problems on the way. Then you have the fact that the USA is backing Israel. It is just a matter of time before something major is going to happen in the USA. Are you ready? It would be good to have some type of way to defend yourself. A gun, security cameras, added lighting for nightime, and even you haven't yet, self-defense course would be good. It is all to be prepared. It is good to do these things anyway but especially during these times.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

States should have more power than the Federal Government

After watching this video, it shows that it will be important where you live. States will probably start invoking there power to do what they want. This is key. It is important to know the status of your state. Do you believe in the overall beliefs of your state and the direction it is going? Also, do you know the overall financial support and self sufficiency it has in terms of natural resources and manufacturing. Read up on what your state has available in these areas. Also, if it has weaknesses, these are the areas you may what to stock up on or be connected with others to gain out-of-state access. Examples like food, gasoline, natural gas, manufacturing, and more. In addition, if you have the opportunity to move and find yourself seeing a different state as more advantageous for you to live in. THE TIME TO MOVE IS NOW. Look into it strongly, and try to change jobs and all that it would take to move. Make sure you are ready to move before doing so, but at least really start focusing on ways to establish the move so you can move as soon as possible. Now is not the time to take your time because soon their will be no more time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Democrat Governor gets it right (A message for all of us)

Remember this is the key. NO FREE TRADE. No matter who is saying it, lets all agree that we need to rally together around this issue. Democrat or republican. Liberal or conservative. This means more jobs here in our country. There will be opposition but if we stick together, we can influence and take back our country. No matter what though, each one of us needs to continue to store up and prepare of economic collapse. We have a long way to go to take our country back. One added thought besides the previous blogs you should read from this site, is that you should be buying a home if at all possible. Even if it is a mobile home, look into anything you could afford. Most of the time, the way things are shaping up, you will not be kicked out if there is a depression. Renting, may be cause for concern, however, since it may take awhile for officials to here your complaint. You could be on the street before you know it. With your own house, official red tape would be a benefit to you. So start looking and quick who knows when the tides will turn.