Friday, December 25, 2009

One piece of the imploding puzzle

This is the key to what is the problem with our government right now. It is all a smokescreen to hide the fact that we are in major trouble. We need to start looking at working together and preparing for a depression. I suggest learning how to start a garden or increase your existing garden. Now if you don't have space for a garden, try to connect up with someone you know or can get to know and ask them if you can help them start or increase there garden. It would be best if they even had land that is an acre or more. You could mention your concern about the economy but I wouldn't get into too much detail because you don't want to scare them. If they want to get into it more, then you could SLOWLY ease them in. You don't want to come off like a crazy. That might mean byebye garden. Remember, you want to have really good relations with this person or people. This will be your "bread and butter" or literally your "fruit and vegetables". I will be going into more things but this is key. Comment if you have any other suggestions,or tips of gardening, or things to plant.

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