Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glen Beck and Jay Leno - A true look at hope.

Here is a good look at what it should be like in our government and in our country. None of this lying and cover up. This constant quick fixes to stay in office. No lets just look at the truth and find the best solution no matter how hard it may look. But if we plan for it, it would actually be the first time in a long time we actually did something to better the country rather than better our short term gain. We are literally borrowing money from "credit card like debt" to pay for the debt we are incurring from the wreckless spending the banks, Wall Street, and the government took us in the last decade. Are you willing to sacrifice? Speak up. Start to look at how you are going to survive with less. That will probably be less government. So what are you leaning on now that may be taken away. Look to your fellow man for help. Or family. Or begin good friendships. That is what people did back in the Depression. They relied on each other. A place to start is at It is a place of the positive attitude. Positive videos. Positive blogs. Positive audio. Ways to work together to solve problems together. Also, I will be bringing up other topics as I see them and bring them to you to ponder and consider for the present to prepare for the future. Happy Hoping during the Holidays.

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